We offer a wide range of benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, basic life/ accidental death and dismemberment insurance and additional life insurance*. In addition, we offer paid vacation, sick time and a Bertucci's meal card. We also offer benefits that help you save today for tomorrow, including a 401k plan and College Savings Plan. These great benefits, along with a rewarding career with a great restaurant company, are offered to the valued members of our team.

medical insurance
Medical insurance is offered through Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a comprehensive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that includes some of the leading physicians, hospitals and other health care providers in your area. With the Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO you may choose to receive care either in-network or out-of-network. You can choose between a premium (higher premium/ better coverage) and basic plan (lower premium/ less coverage).The plan does not require referrals for doctors' visits and also provides vision and prescription drug coverage. In addition, Blue Cross/Blue Shield provides a wellness program that helps you along your personal path towards creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family by providing additional discounts for wellness programs including fitness & nutrition programs, hearing & vision products/services, massage therapy & a registered dietician network. There is a $150 reimbursement every 12 months for a qualified health club or fitness facility. We offer a discount on rates for non-smokers. As a covered employee, you will have access to Blue Cross/Blue Shield's 24 Hour nurse line.

Each Manager receives four paid holidays each calendar year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the paid holidays and the other two are the employee's choice of birthday, July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Year's Day.

dental insurance
Dental insurance is offered through Delta Dental Premier USA. Delta Dental is accepted nationwide at most dental offices. The dental insurance covers bi-annual cleanings at 100 percent. In addition, other preventive and restorative procedures are covered under the plan including fillings, oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, emergency dental care, dentures, bridges & crowns and orthodontia.

Salaried managers and corporate office employees are invited to participate in Bertucci's 401(k) plan the first of the month following 30 days of employment. Plan members may contribute between 1 - 20 percent of their gross weekly salary and 1 - 100 percent of their bonus up to their applicable regulatory maximum. At its discretion, Bertucci's will match 25 cents on the dollar up to the first 10 percent of the employee contribution. This discretionary match is dependent on year end results.

life insurance
A life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy is offered to all salaried employees through Sunlife Insurance Company. The policy is for percent times your base annual salary up to $300,000. Bertucci's Corporation contributes 50 percent of your life insurance premium.

529 plan
Bertucci's offers a Section 529 Plan from Putnam Investments for College Savings. Section 529 plans allow you to save for educational expenses on a favorable tax basis. Funds are deducted from your payroll check and deposited into your College Advantage 529 Account where they are invested at your discretion. When funds are withdrawn from your College Advantage Account for approved educational expenses there is no federal income tax on the earnings from your account and in many states the state income tax is also waived. There are many investment options available to tailor to your needs and those of your family.

additional life insurance
Bertucci's also offers a group discount on additional life insurance. The insurance may be purchased in increments of $10,000 (up to $300,000) at a rate discounted for Bertucci's employees. Employees may also purchase additional life insurance for their spouse & dependent children.

long term disability
All salaried employees are eligible to elect long-term disability insurance through Sunlife Insurance Company. The insurance will pay out 60 percent of your monthly salary (up to $6,000) after 90 days of missed work due to an approved disability.

meal discount
All managers and office employees receive the Bertucci's meal discount. This tasty benefit is for $100 of Bertucci's food (dine-in or take-out) per fiscal month. Please take your friends and family to any Bertucci's location to take advantage of this benefit.

short term disability
Bertucci's Corporation offers short-term disability insurance through Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company. You may elect the short-term disability benefit for an amount of up to 70 percent of your weekly salary. Short-term disability will be paid beginning on the first day of missed work due to an accident and on the eighth day of missed work due to illness.

tuition assistance
Bertucci's Corporation will reimburse you for tuition expenses up to $250 per semester after one full year of employment.

All full-time managers are eligible to participate in the Operations Management Vacation Program. The purpose of this program is to allow and encourage employees to take vacation during the course of their employment year to spend as personal paid vacation. A Manager accrues (earns) vacation time at a rate dependent on their position, and the number of years employed by the company. For example, Assistant Managers accrue 80 hours of vacation to use in each employment year up to 5 years. General Managers and Managing Partners accrue 120 hours of vacation to use in each employment year up to 10 years. Vacation accrual begins upon hire.

credit union
Membership in the Metropolitan Credit Union is offered to all Bertucci's employees. The Metropolitan Credit Union offers an exceptional range of financial products and services, including a wide range of loans, Money Market Accounts and IRAs.

sick days
All Managers accrue 5 sick days per year. These days are to be used in case of illness or an accident.

bonus program
Bertucci's Managers receive quarterly bonuses based on their restaurant's P&L - sales to budget, variance to theoretical, incremental direct payroll and level two contribution.

Eligibility Requirements: All restaurant managers and corporate office employees are eligible for the benefits on the first of the month after completing thirty days of full time (30 hours) employment unless otherwise noted. All benefits are subject to change. Employees must meet all eligibility requirements before electing benefits.

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